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Prime Day 2022 Date Revealed: 21st -22nd June, but how can you take advantage?

Did you know Amazon Prime Day 2020 saw c.60% YoY sales increase vs 2019? That’s more than $3.5billion sales on Prime Day 2020.1 Prime day is believed to be the second biggest shopping day of the year, so what can you do make sure you get eye balls on your product page?

Detail page optimisation

Having a strong detail page is incredibly important as it not only helps with getting your brand discovered, but also helps with converting customers to buy your products. Some quick wins to make sure you are ready include: 1) Search terms research; 2) Image optimisation; 3) A+ content; 4) FBA enrolment; 5) Vine reviews 6) Videos on your detail page and of course participating the PRIME Day deals! See our previous blog here, for more tips of implementing these methods.

Store focus

Having a store is a fantastic way to showcase all your products. There are also some great features on the store which will really bring your products to life too, such as videos and image galleries. You should also make sure you personalise your URL with your brand name so buyers know who you are! See our 8 top tips of building a killer store here.


Advertising is a great way to get your products to the top of the page. Sponsored Brands in particular offer you prime location with a banner of 3 product images at the top of the fold. Perhaps you already advertise so before Prime Day starts, it’s important to define your advertising strategy. What is your objective? New customer acquisition? Increase in brand loyalty? Increase in AOV (average order value)? Whatever it might be, it is important you are clear on what you want your goals to be and that your advertising strategy hits these goals.

Expand your market reach

In Prime Day 2020, 20 countries participated in Prime Day including the United States, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, Spain, Netherlands, Mexico, Japan, Italy, Germany, France, China, Canada and Australia. Amazon allows you to reach to access these markets and expand your customer reach.

If you need any help with your Amazon business don't hesitate to reach out!

1 Amazon press release, 15 October 2020

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