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7 top tips of how to succeed as a new brand on Amazon

80% of customers use Amazon to discover new products...

New products and brands are being discovered every day on Amazon. If you're one of them, are you standing out from the crowd and giving yourself the best possible chance to succeed? Unsure how to do this? Read on to learn my 7 top tips of how to succeed as a new brand on Amazon.

1. Search term research & implementation

Before you create a new listing it's imperative that you have performed thorough key word research and embed them within both your listing and backend. Why? Because there are two things the Amazon A9 algorithm looks at when deciding what position you should appear on the search results, one of which is relevancy. If you don't have any relevant keywords in your listing how will it know to show your product when a customer performs a search? I cannot stress the importance here enough. Make sure you use a high quality software to obtain the keywords and add them to all areas of your listing (title, bullets, description and backend keywords).

2. Image optimisation

They say a picture tells a thousand words and this couldn't be be more fitting in the world of Amazon. Ensure you have high quality imagery that is within the Amazon guidelines, i.e. the first image is on a white background and I would recommend a square image with a dimension of 2000 x 2000. Lifestyle images are also extremely powerful and can result in +30% conversion rate. Make sure you invest in this area of your listing as the results will pay dividends.

3. A+ content

A+ content refers to enhancing your product description, through imagery, videos and comparison tables. This is only available to brand owners (i.e. sellers that are brand registered). The power of A+ content is huge. Some studies show a conversion rate of +20% vs listings without A+ content. If you don't have it, make sure you add it to your listing.

4. FBA

Fulfilled by Amazon is a logistics solution offered to sellers. You simply send your inventory an Amazon FC (fulfilment centre) and Amazon takes care of the rest; storing your inventory, fulfilling orders and even dealing with customer returns. The real appeal of FBA comes down to the PRIME badge, which is vital to have on your listing. Why? Because you might have noticed as a customer searching on Amazon, that there is a PRIME filter option. If you don't have PRIME then you won't show up in any of the search results with this filter applied. Secondly, PRIME members are likely to spend up to 133% more than an ordinary Amazon customer (Statisia, 2019). So, if you want to cast your net as wide as possible and target higher spending customers make sure you're enrolled in FBA.

5. Vine

Similar to A+ content, the Amazon vine program is only available to brand registered sellers. The idea of vine is to help give you a head start on obtaining your first reviews. For a fee of £500 you can send your product to Amazon who will distribute them to 30 approved vine reviewers. In return you should get a review. Of course there is no guarantee you will get all 30 reviews, but it definitely helps when you're starting out as you will soon learn that obtaining reviews is not an easy task!

6. Sponsored Ads

Once you've implemented all the above stages you are 'retail ready', meaning you given yourself the best chance of conversion. Running an auto sponsored ads campaign is a great way to start obtaining traffic and build sales.

7. Deals

Deals is another fantastic way to attract new customers. Not only because everyone loves a bargain, but also because of the additional visibility you get from appearing on the deals page (the highest traffic page on Amazon). To participate in deals however, you must be obtaining a minimum of 5 reviews per month and adhere to all of the Amazon deal tenants.

This is a very brief overview, but I hope this was somewhat useful. If you have any questions or need help with improving your Amazon conversion rate or want to grow your sales, please contact me on /07422726921 .



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