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Is your Amazon business preparing for BREXIT?

Did you know that from 28th December Amazon will completely stop cross-border fulfilment via EFN and PAN-EU, meaning Amazon will no longer be able to fulfil EU FBA orders from the UK? With the UK leaving the EU from 1st January 2021 there will be new requirements (and potentially tariffs, pending negotiations) when taking freight in and out of UK/Europe.

What does this mean if you want to continue selling PAN-EU FBA?

Well, it means you will need to clear the custom border yourself and send your inventory to at least one Amazon warehouse in the EU.

What information is required to clear a custom border?

There are 6 key requirements as shown in the diagram below, along with some useful tips!

What changes will be made to managing your PAN-EU sales post BREXIT?

There will be 3 main changes to managing your sales:

1) Multi-country inbounding- this enables you to ship to multiple countries of your choice in Europe;

2) Inventory removals- ensure you have processes set up so can you manage removals at a 'regional' level. The deadline for any removal orders for cross-border inventory is 14th November;

3) Inventory management- this will now be managed separately for the UK and EU, whereas today it is done at a total level.

What next?

There is only 74 days until Amazon stops shipping your EU FBA orders, so you need to get preparing! It goes without saying it is worth doing your own independent research and also getting the help of an expert. There are 3rd party agents available on the UK Government and European Commission website.

If you need any help with your Amazon business don't hesitate to reach out!




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