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Unwrapping Success: The Significance of Holiday-Themed Advertising

The holiday season is not just about the presents (shocking I know!), it's also a crucial time for businesses to deck out their advertising strategies. For e-commerce giants like Amazon, leveraging the festive spirit in advertising is not just a tradition; it's a strategic move that yields substantial results.

🎄'Tis the Season of Spending: The holiday season is synonymous with gift-giving and festive purchases. The average person in the UK will spend £602 on Christmas gifts this year which is a huge 40% increase from last year![1]. With 1 in 3 impulse purchases made in-store and online.

🎄 Ads: 34% of people state they are influenced by festive ads![2]

In the world of e-commerce, the holiday season is a golden opportunity for businesses to not only boost sales. So how do you do this?

  1. Perform seasonal KW research - use tools like Amazon Seller Central Analytics, Helium 10, Jungle Scout and Google keyword planner to understand what keywords are trending and what people are searching for.

  2. Optimise your copy - include these keywords in your Amazon backend and listing copy to ensure you are gaining organic rankings for these high volume KWs. Our recommendation is to add the highest SV (search volume) KWs (keywords) in your title, followed by bullet points, the description and finally the backend.

  3. Seasonal advertising - setup seasonal advertising campaigns to target these KWs. Our recommendation is to tap into longer tail KWs so your CPCs (cost per clicks) don't get too high!

As we unwrap our presents this holiday season, let's not forget to appreciate the gift of effective advertising that makes our festive celebrations even more joyful.

[1] Source: Finder, 2023 [2]Marketing Week


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