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Is A+ Content Worth the Hassle?

What is A+ Content?

Brand owners may develop listings with the aid of Amazon A+ Content marketing their goods with thorough descriptions, graphs, excellent photos, and sales language that is focused on their brand.

Instead of the product description, A+ Content appears in your Amazon product listing. In essence, A+ Content "covers up" the product description section so that it is no longer visible.

What are the benefits?

The use of A+ content can induce a higher conversion rate and help drive sales by +5%, according to Amazon. This is due to the numerous mediums in which you can display on a product page – such as the use of additional images and text.

1. Increase sales

Amazon examined the performance of 173,000 ASINs in the US over the course of three months. This internal study's findings revealed that Amazon A+ Content often boosts sales by 5%.

2. Increase conversion rates

The layout and effectiveness of the product description you write will determine your success. However, if you work hard, it can really pay off. Even 30% more conversion rates have been claimed by some agencies.

Your Amazon search rankings won't rise simply because of A+ content. However, since conversion rates are considered by Amazon's A9 algorithm, this should increase discoverability if it increases your conversion rates.

3. Better returns on ads

Amazon offers promotions, advertisements, and coupons to assist sellers in being more visible on its marketplace. Additionally, it suggests using these discoverability technologies with Amazon A+ Content to boost conversions and boost ROI.

Therefore, before going live, ensure that the listing's description is optimised with quality material if you have a forthcoming product promotion.

4. Enhance cross-selling

Comparison tables, featuring your own products, ensures that you can present customers with your full range of product offering or complementary products. This can help prevent customers from looking at other competitors for alternatives.

5. Tells your brand's story & highlights USPs

Whether your company has been family-owned for years, or your main mission is sustainability, the A+ page can showcase this through target-group specific features (i.e., images and text). You can discuss not only your product, but perhaps the entire product line or the company in general.

Also, by using short text descriptions or infographics, you can point out your product’s special features to consumers.

6. Creates a better understanding of the product

Customers want to know as much as they can about a product before making a purchase to determine if it is what they are searching for. Internet barriers exist because selling some products can be more challenging to sell online, such as trying on or picking up an item.

For these more complex products, brands can present their products in detail with A+ Content and provide the customer with the best possible purchasing experience, almost like in a physical store. More accurate evaluations are also written, and fewer returns are anticipated when there is a high level of product awareness.

7. Better customer experiences

These premium product descriptions are not only more visually beautiful, but also more educational. There is room to answer frequently asked questions and present usage cases using visuals.

This can comfort customers and lower cart abandonment. However, it also means that consumers have a greater chance of being content with their purchase. You'll see fewer returns and more favourable customer reviews if your product description outlines clear and realistic expectations.

8. Creates a consistent brand experience

Amazon Storefronts and Amazon A+ Content can be used by businesses concerned with branding to establish uniformity across all selling platforms.

Customers that are already familiar with your brand will buy from you when they see your listings. Conversely, new clients who come to you via Amazon are more likely to recall your name - repeat sales are facilitated by this.

Overall, if you want higher conversion rates, increased sales, and better ROI, A+ Content is the way to go!


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