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DO's and DON'Ts of Selling on Amazon

Selling on amazon is not like selling anywhere else and can often, sometimes be challenging. When selling on Amazon, sellers need to be aware of the DOs and DON'Ts as one wrong step could give competitors an advantage which would lead to a loss in market share.


Organised Advertising

Sellers must invest in paid advertising. Advertising is essential in order to make your product visible to the audiences on relevant search terms.

Have High Quality Imagery

Having a good quality imagery is essential for ecommerce and cannot be left out by sellers on any platforms. Some might argue that images can be misleading, and consumers might not always believe the image of the product. On the contrary, the image gives customers a good sense of the product and is a key driver of sales.

Use A+ Content

Amazon uses its A9 algorithm to organically deliver the best product to the right search term (although it does affect paid advertising too). You need to optimise your product descriptions, bullet points, imagery etc. to make sure your products have all the right information and so that the algorithm can deliver your products accurately in search results.

Amazon Brand Store

A brand store acts as a website on Amazon where you can solely promote your brand without any competition, as competitors cannot advertise on brand stores. A brand store helps sellers to make all of their products available at one place thereby making it convenient for consumers to search for their products.

Evaluation of KPIs

Evaluation of KPIs such as ACOS (advertising cost of sales), Spend, Impressions, etc. can help in a full-blown analysis of the products’ strengths and weaknesses


Enrolling in Amazon VINE is a must as it helps gain customer trust.

Brand Registry

Brand registry provides sellers greater control over their products and also includes additional benefits such as A+, VINE and the store.


Ignore rules and policies

Don’t ignore Amazon’s rules and policies. Sellers must not be complacent and must follow Amazon’s policies and meet the standards for selling on Amazon.

Expect immediate wins

Don’t expect sales to immediately increase. Increase in revenue will not happen overnight. Selling on Amazon is more of a journey and good things will take time. Sellers must be patient in order for sales to grow and for the business to show results.

Ignore your competitors

Sellers must always keep a track of their competitors’ actions and keywords that they are showing for.

Launch products too late

Launching products late would lead to a decline in market share as consumers would buy the competitor’s products and would eventually get used to them. As such sellers should always try to take the first mover advantage and expand their reach.

Use incomplete product information across marketplaces

Having a clear and simple product description without complicated words and symbols works best to make the product appear on top of the search results.

We hope these tips are useful, for any further questions feel free to reach out directly on


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