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Common mistakes sellers make with Amazon Product Listings

1. Poor Product Listing Title Product titles are vital in obtaining traffic on Amazon. Sellers should use relevant and high-ranking keywords in the titles but must be sure to get the balance right. Sellers often cram all keywords in, even if they don't make sense. Amazon recognizes this as keyword stuffing, one of the common mistakes sellers make when optimizing their product listings. Leave the rest of the important details about your products in the description. 2. Not having a detailed and enticing product description As a result of using all keywords in the product title, sellers aren’t left with much to write in the description. Like this, product descriptions of such products are not detailed and do not highlight the key features of the product and thus, fail to maximise the description space. Sellers should know their products' exact key selling points and features in order to fill the bullet points. 3. Using wrong product image Images are arguably the most important aspect of a product listing on Amazon. Most sellers do not pay attention to the image guidelines laid out by Amazon. As a result, images used by sellers are either unclear or misleading and do not show the true picture of the product. Moreover, there are many sellers who use copyrighted or watermarked images which quickly tells Amazon their seriousness towards the business and puts a doubt in the mind buyers about the credibility of the product. 4. Unanswered or poorly answered questions Amazon gives buyers and potential buyers an opportunity to ask questions on each product detail page. It’s under the “Customer Questions & Answers” section toward the lower part of the page. In some cases, the questions posed will be answered by existing customers, who already have experience with your product. In other cases, you’ll need to provide the answers. Responding late to questions could lead to buyers losing interest in your in your product. Moreover, not responding can get sellers reprimanded by Amazon. Either way, sellers should periodically check for new questions on their pages and proactively answer them. 5. Duplicate Listings Amazon’s system works by assigning a single ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number, a 10-character alphanumeric code used for product identification) per unique product on their marketplace. It creates a poor experience for the customer if the same item is accidentally listed twice under two different ASINs. Someone in your organization may have listed it again, or perhaps it was one of your distributors. 6. Product Titles That Include Coupons/Sales Sales and coupons are great ways in convincing customers to shop with you. However, there’s a time and a place to use them, and the product title isn’t one of them. Although it’s tempting to lure buyers in by telling them about your great details as early as possible, Amazon will just delete that information because it’s not directly relevant to the product’s description. Let us know your thoughts on any other mistakes that you think are made by amazon sellers by commenting below. It is quite common that some businesses might not specialise in every aspect of product listings and other PPC and marketing on Amazon. In such cases it is often useful to hire an amazon agency to help you get past such barriers and make your business profitable. For more info on how to be profitable and successful business on Amazon, please contact


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