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Automated Repricing

Sometimes, choosing the method of repricing on Amazon can be a challenge for sellers. Sellers often get confused whether to use an automated repricing tool or change prices manually. A Repricer uses rules or algorithms to automatically change prices based on inputs that you set. It can reprice a listing on Amazon up or down depending on the competitor's price. This week’s blog looks into Amazon repricing and gives an insight to the advantages of using automated repricing.

Advantages of Automated Repricing

Avoids Human Error – Mistakes can happen which could affect sales and profitability. Repricers avoid this.

It is more Efficient – Automated repricers are pre-set and pricing takes place immediately. Manual adjustments can cause delay and that potentially means losing sales.

More Visibility in Searches – When searching for a product customers have the option to apply price filter to their search. Automated repricing means you always have the best customer offering and appear higher up the rankings.

Better Chance of Winning a Buy Box – Having a competitive price helps your chances of winning a Buy Box. If you have the Buy Box, then your conversion will rocket. Products with a high number of sellers means pricing can regularly change. Having a repricer can help capitalise on having the right price at the right time. Set the rules and let it take care of the details so you can focus on sharpening other areas of the algorithm that matter in winning a Buy Box.

It Gives You a Competitive Edge – One of the best ways you can set yourself apart from competitors is with repricing. Price is one of the biggest motivators in a purchasing decision, presenting the best package can be what causes a buyer to go with you instead of someone else and mostly price ends up being the difference-maker.

Automated repricing gives you back time, reduces pricing and profit errors, help you win sales and increase your chances of winning a Buy Box. Would you use one or prefer setting prices manually? Stay tuned for our next week’s blog on the downside of automated repricing.

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