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The enigma that is Amazon...

Hello and welcome to my blog! Seeing as this is the first post, let me introduce myself. My name is Sarah Scourfield, ex-Amazonian of just over 2 years. I worked in Strategic vendor services, which essentially means my job was to make businesses GROW on Amazon. I managed £40m+ of revenue at one time and achieved some pretty good results (average of +50% growth). So, I decided to share my knowledge and build my own Amazon agency!

It's been a bit of a whirl wind getting here, however. I left Amazon in October 2019 to run a business that my partner and I setup, DUO Bottles. We thought we were on the cusp of completing manufacturing, but unfortunately a few things went wrong and COVID-19 hit us hard, so it was time to start applying for jobs again! I was offered one, (it was actually to manage the Amazon account for multi-million pound company), but sadly, three days before I was due to start the offer was withdrawn. So, back to square one... If you've ever been unemployed you'll know it's a scary place to be, the uncertainty of not knowing where your next pay cheque is coming from isn't pleasant. I was trying pretty hard to find another job and reaching out to anyone that might be able to help. One of the people I turned to was my mentor, Ste. He owns a fantastic online retail store and also sells his products on Amazon. Not much attention had been given to their Amazon account, but at the peak of COVID-19, and everyone turning to shopping on Amazon, it soon became apparent just how important the giant retailer, Amazon, is. So, he asked me if I could manage the account for them. Since I've been working with them and we have seen phenomenal results (currently +977% YoY!) so they're a pretty happy client!

Fast forward to today I've now created a full fledged Amazon agency, called Unicorn Orange. The mission of Unicorn Orange is to grow your business on Amazon, without fees costing the earth! Unlike a lot of Agencies, there is also no monthly minimum revenue requirements on Amazon. Why? Because I get it. Owning a small product business myself I understand how difficult it is to get things off the ground and sometimes you need help, but don't always have the resources available. Amazon, especially, is a total enigma if you aren't familiar with it so I'm here to offer a helping hand, no matter the size of your business on Amazon.

Whether you're looking for total account management to free up your time, management of part of your Amazon account, strategic focus or Amazon PPC services, please get in touch for a FREE consultation from me. What have you got to lose?!




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