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Case study

Rude Health

When Rude Health launched on Amazon in 2020 they were faced with the challenge of multiple 3P offers against the majority of their catalogue.


We analysed the barcodes of each ASIN, the 3P offers and investigated the way Amazon placed orders for Rude Health. This investigation involved raising over 75 cases and many calls with Amazon  to merge duplicate listings, update barcodes and SKUs as well as changing the way in which Amazon orders.


These products had been incorrectly setup by the 3P sellers, using wrong barcodes against their products. The impact of this meant the catalogue was very difficult to manage, leading to ordering errors from Amazon, blocked ASINs and increasing chargebacks. This significantly reduced the selection of products available to customers on Amazon.


We unblocked 13 key ASINs and updated 86 ASINs with the correct barcode. This enabled Amazon to start placing orders for ASINs, driving incremental revenue growth of 21% and reducing chargebacks by 459%, both over one quarter.

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