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Case study


PRESS launched on Amazon at the start of the 2020 coronavirus lockdown in response to brick and mortar sales channels closing. The challenge was to grow sales on Amazon quickly, filling the void of lost sales from other channels, but importantly doing so profitably.


Focus on maximising conversion rate by putting ourselves in the shoes of the shopper and make the customer experience as simple as possible. This is especially important whenever selling a premium product since it is a more considered purchase. We did this through a number of steps:

  • Focus on graphic design, both in the form of Swatch images and A+ content, by making the premium features of the product very clear, educate shoppers on what separates PRESS from mass market juices, as well as to mirror the vibrant style of the brand

  • Pack the title full of highly relevant keywords, since shoppers will understand the product better

  • Build up a social proof in the form of product reviews and a diverse catalogue of products

  • Focus our advertising efforts on highly relevant shoppers and when targeting wider search terms, to do so with video, since it enables us to explain the USPs, before paying for a click


Profitability on Amazon is difficult, since Amazon charges a referral fee, which when combined with the cost of advertising can, if gotten wrong, quickly eclipse the value of customer sales.


In the first year of working together, sales grew at a compound monthly rate of 36.5% for the first 6 months, since taking over from the previous agency and then grew annually in Year 2 by a further 113%. Our weekly catch-ups, forecast alignments and face-to-face meetings with the PRESS team, ensured we were always aligned from a profitability perspective.

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