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Case study


It is always a challenge to introduce a new product to the market and Homethings’ eco-friendly cleaning products are disrupting the household cleaning market with a variety of fresh concepts.


In order to drive sufficient traffic for meaningful revenue growth, we were forced to target broad customer search terms, like “eco cleaning” and “household cleaning”. To direct the most relevant traffic, we ensured the lead image and title, which appear on the search page, accurately and concisely represented the product. The product listings needed to do the same, with a high attention to detail on the bullet point content and structure.


Additionally, the listing video, A+ content and brand store animation showed how to use the product. We also focussed on improving the social proof by enrolling in the Vine programme, from which we received up to 30 reviews per SKU, including all important reviewer videos & photos, which boosted conversion rates.


When something is highly innovative, there is a greater risk that customers fail to understand the product, which translates to less clicks and orders, as well as a greater risk of returns/negative reviews. In addition, for the first release of products, refillable cleaning sprays, there was a very low search volume for closely related search terms.


In the first 9 months of working together, we achieved a compound monthly revenue growth rate of 97.2%, while continually meeting ROI targets. As customers grew more familiar with the products and awareness of the brand grew, our advertising strategies become only more aggressive. Thanks to the nimbleness of the Homethings team, we were able to continually A/B test different marketing materials to fully optimise our targeting approach and acquire new customers as quickly as possible.

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